enManager is a modern platform built from the ground up to facilitate the production of socially driven websites aspiring to reach a global audience. Developed using tried and tested Software Engineering methodology and incorporating cutting edge technology, enManager is your first choice for planning to run a site as popular as their peers.

enManager is not a whitelabel platform, but rather a full-featured development platform which you can use to build your own sites running in your own environment. enManager incorporates a vast array of modules each built to perform a separate task but ready to interact with any other modules in the system through a documented interface.

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Custom User Profiles

Extensible user profiles provide all users with the tools needed to develop their online personality, including information like user likes, dislikes, favorite music, movies, television and more. Interaction with the media management system allows users to provide a rich view of their life to friends and guests.
- Profile page shows off your users personality;
- Profile media galleries;
- User news feeds.

Privacy & Security

Allow members to fully manage the level of exposure of their profile's personal information to other users in the system.



Photo and Video Galleries

A fundamental element of any socially driven site is the display of and interaction with rich media. A powerful media management system provides the ability to deliver high quality video, pictures, thumbnails previews and trailers to your users in any format and codec. User intervention is avoided via a flexible scheduling system which takes care of batch encoding tasks according to your defined parameters.
Furthermore, support for user submitted content in multiple formats provides the rich interaction experience necessary to captivate your audience. Allow your members to submit media in any content type and manage their own keywords, properties and more.

- Allow users to upload video from their computers or record them directly via a webcam attached to their computer;
- Automated video conversion to and from almost any video codec in mainstream use;
- Create thumbnails on the fly with automatic screenshot capture;
- Watermark your video with overlays, intros and outros.

Rate, Tag, Share, Comment

Incorporating an advanced tagging system with built in support for hierarchical keyword trees, automatic keyword creation both admin created and user created provide a simple way to effectively identify content and create links between related content.

Message Boards

Before web 2.0 and social networks became the staple bookmark in any internet users web browser, message boards and forums were the meeting place of the masses. Still a popular means for online interaction, a full-featured message board module provides users with a familiar environment to develop online relationships and encounters.

- Thread based;

Custom Layouts & Content

Admin Panel & Moderation

Provides site operators with an interface to all modules in the system to manage and moderate site content.

- Email Newsletter Manager;
- Contest Widgets;
- Featured Profiles;
- Moderated Chat;
- Web Services & APIs.

Featured Project This brightly coloured and playful logo design projects Craniacs as a company providing afterschool enrichment classes and learning materials for children.

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