Content Management

Napoleon Hill said, wisely, that "Ideas... they have the power..."

Without the right expression of those ideas, the power within them is lost. To ensure that our customers̉ brand and message are communicated effectively, Envisionext uses its expertise in copywriting and content management systems.

Copy-writing and editing services

Words have the power to grant or eradicate the impression of competence. The organization, structure, and style of a site clearly influence the perception and consequent purchasing behavior of an audience. Our staff's extensive experience in content composition and copy-editing has significantly improved the presentation of our customers' sites. From a new site, to one that requires revitalization, Envisionext ensures that each customer's message has clarity, cohesion, and power.

Translation Services

Our staff offers translation services from Russian to English and from English to Russian. With this service, our customers receive a precise rendition of their original content that effectively conveys its meaning with the clarity and style of well-written English or Russian.

Content Management Systems Technology

By tailoring our content management system to each customer's particular case, ensuring ease-of-use, functionality, and ability to not only service their needs of today but manage their growing needs of tomorrow, Envisionext guarantees that each customer's message is clear and effective.

Changing Work Processes

At the same time, we evaluate business processes and current workflows, such as our customers̉ site guidelines, standards, site management, and information governance. By doing so, we integrate content management into customers̉ work processes, which is mandatory for successful implementation.

The results for our clients have included:

- Reduced maintenance costs due to content authoring tool
- Higher quality content due to distributed content contributors
- More consistency due to flexible branded templates
- Creation of a centralized content repository for distribution across multiple channels, regions and multiple languages
- Knowledge transfer from our tech team to establish in-house skills and experience in tier-one content management solutions

Contact us to find out how we can help you successfully implement a content management system.

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